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Porch FAQ’s

Tips for Homeowners from the Experts

Atlanta Front Porch Builders, how much does it cost to build a porch

How long does it take to build a front porch addition?

Based on the size of your front porch addition, an average project may take anywhere from 3-4 days to 2 weeks. Larger projects may take longer.

What’s the difference between a front porch and a portico?

Front Porches and porticos can dramatically improve the curb appeal of your home. An expansive full front porch adds more livable space for entertaining and relaxation. Porticos are covered entrances for the front door that help accentuate the entry area.

Both provide optimal protection for your guests, front entry and even your foyer. Doors, hardware and trim that are exposed to the weather eventually succumb to splintering, rotting, fading and more. Hard rain can even seep in through the threshold, ruining hardwood floors. And, just think how your guests might feel waiting outside during a downpour. Our Atlanta porch builders will create several design options in a photo proposal, that will complement the architecture of your home. A new Atlanta porch addition or portico from Georgia Front Porch will help save your entry from costly repair or replacement, while adding real value to your home!

What are the benefits of a front porch? Curb appeal? Added value?

Porches are making a big comeback, with more screened-in, side, and rear porches featured in traditional and contemporary homes. Offering as much of an emotional element as practical, a front porch is more and more part of the home because it enhances curb appeal, expands living space, transforms quality of life and impacts the value of the home. Homeowners want deeper, wider, and bigger full front porches than ever before.

What are some elements that will make my porch distinctive?

Columns, whether round or square, number and size of steps, hand railing and lighting combine to enhance the beauty of your residence. Recessed, low voltage lighting creates a very soft and pleasing effect. Details such as decorative trim, patterned floors, and interesting railings and pickets can create a custom look that reflects the homeowner’s style.

What types of materials will be best for my new porch or porch remodel?

There are a variety of porch materials available depending on your budget and lifestyle. There are things to consider with regard to materials of construction. You can choose between shingles versus standing seam metal, bronze or copper for the roof, bead board or smooth BC plywood or tongue-and-groove wood for the ceiling and wood, copper or iron for the railings, etc. Also consider new composite materials for columns, fascia boards, etc. which greatly reduce any future maintenance or replacement.

How can I make sure my porch complements my home and adds curb appeal?

Every porch is custom designed and tailored to your home’s unique architecture. We typically develop a photo proposal for you to review, ensuring your satisfaction before any work begins. Because construction details can vary (eg: railing styles, roof materials, flooring,, etc.), we will suggest an optimal design that will provide maximum curb appeal from any angle.

How much more does it cost to use composite versus wood?

Expect to budget 25 – 30% more for composite deck material.

What is composite made of and why is it more expensive?

It depends on the manufacturer. Composite materials range from recycled plastic bags and milk jugs to recycled plastics, vinyl and aluminum.

How do I care for my front porch after it’s installed?

With a wood deck, shortly after it’s built, (30 days in summer, longer in colder months) you will need to seal the deck with a high quality wood sealer. This can also provide a finish with color (the stain and sealer are the same process) for the deck. After that, we recommend staining and sealing your deck on an annual basis. MFG sealants is a manufacturer of a great deck sealer,

How do I begin?

The first step is to determine a budget and basic idea of the style. Next is to meet with a Georgia Front Porch expert to discuss size, options, materials, and costs. They will also provide terms and conditions in writing, along with warranty information and copies of insurance documents to provide optimal peace of mind. Ready to begin? Call today at 770-781-8234.

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