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Below is a variety of videos regarding our many successful completed projects on portico and porch design and installation. Watching these videos can help give you inspiration on an upcoming porch or portico you are looking to have built. All projects were designed and built by Georgia Front Porch.

Georgia Front Porch Design Montage 2023

A montage of Georgia Front Porch projects showing custom-designed and built porticos and front porches. This video demonstrates the dramatic curb appeal effect that front porch and portico additions can have on a home. They provide gracious comfort, can help reduce energy use and protect arriving guests and packages from inclement weather or hot sun. Finally, a front porch or portico protects front doors, wood trim, and thresholds.


GFP Affordable Porticoes Montage

This video details how porticos can be an affordable way to create amazing curb appeal plus protect your guests, packages, front door and trim.

Company Coming? A New Porch Design Can Help

If you’re expecting company, a porch or portico addition can make a great first impression, not to mention beautiful curb appeal for years to come. See a quick overview of recent projects that reveal how transformative a new portico or porch design can be.

Before/After Front Porch Additions

A full front porch addition is the ideal way to expand your living space and enhance your curb appeal. Enjoy more outdoor time on a porch that provides much-needed shade in the summer and protection for your front entry and woodwork. Ready to transform your home from nice to gorgeous?

Before/After Front Portico Additions

A front portico is an affordable and attractive way to enhance your curb appeal and protect your front entry and guests from the weather. Safeguard your front door, trim, and flooring from splintering, rotting, and fading—all at a modest cost. And the results are spectacular!

Ranch Porticos Before & After Additions

Ranch and split-level homes often need a little updating to enhance their curb appeal. Georgia Front Porch specializes in designing and building the perfect portico to add value to your residence and protect family, guests, front doors, trim, and even packages.

Porch Design Infographic GFP October 2020

This is an animated infographic comparing benefits, costs, timeframes to build, etc. for porticos, half porch, and full porch design.

Portico Protection

Beyond curb appeal, there are several important reasons to consider adding a portico to a flat-faced home. This short video explains why and shows several examples of portico styles on different homes.

Curb Appeal Design with Porticoes

One of the most popular ways to cost-effectively enhance your home’s curb appeal is to add a portico. Here’s a sampling of portico designs and material choices for a variety of residential exteriors. All are budget-friendly and great return on investment over time and at resale.

Trade Secrets of Porch Design

In this series of videos, Georgia Front Porch’s Design Consultant, Gary Zielinski, answers some of the most common questions we receive about porches and porticos.

Why does anyone need a portico?

When are railings required for front steps and stoops?

What the heck is a portico?

How do porches and porticos compare in size?

What kind of options do I have for railings?

What options are available for porch columns?

How do you build a porch that’s low maintenance?

How do you customize your design to fit my home?

Help with visualizing a front porch or portico addition

Can you design porticos around windows?

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