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Why does anyone need a portico?

The #1 reason people want an awning, portico or porch over their front entry is wood rot from sun and rain. Learn more in this short video.

When Are Railings Required For The Front Steps?

Safety first! Find out when you’re required to include railings when building new steps to your front entry, courtesy of curb appeal expert, Gary Zielinski.

What The Heck Is A Portico?

Here’s a quick chat about what exactly a portico is (vs. a porch) along with a few visual examples.

How Do Porticos and Porches Compare in Size?

Learn about the importance of scale and other considerations when planning a front porch or portico.

What Kind Of Options Do I Have For Railings?

From wood to powder coated iron, railings come in a several options. Gary, Georgia Front Porch’s curb appeal expert, provides a short introduction.

What Options Are Available For Porch Columns?

Front porch columns and capitals come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Gary walks you through a few different, low maintenance options.

How Do You Build A Porch That’s Low Maintenance?

Our curb appeal expert shows you some of the low maintenance materials Georgia Front Porch employs so homeowners can relax and enjoy their new front porch or portico for many years to come.

How Do You Customize Your Design To Fit My Home?

Our curb appeal design expert, Gary Zielinski, explains the importance of matching a new front addition to your home’s architecture.

Help With Visualizing A Front Porch or Portico

Examples of how Georgia Front Porch helps homeowners visualize what a new addition will look like.

Can You Design Porticos Around Windows

You can add curb appeal and front door protection — even when dealing with transom or 2nd story windows. Gary gives a short talk about how Georgia Front Porch handles this challenge.