Portico FAQs

Helpful Answers for Homeowners from Our Experts

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How much does a typical front portico cost?
Portico cost can vary depending on design, materials, lighting features, etc. Your design consultant will help you choose exactly the right front portico for maximum outdoor enjoyment. Prices can range from $3,500- $4,500 or more depending on your wishes and budget.
What's the difference between a front porch and a front portico?
The weather has wreaked havoc on my woodwork and threshold. Will a portico help?
What's the typical size for a front portico?
How long does it take to build a front portico addition?
How do I select a portico with the most curb appeal?
What are the latest cutting edge materials?
What are some elements that help dress up the look of a front portico?
Can I use composite wood on my portico and how much will that cost?
How do I get started?


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