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Portico FAQ’s

Helpful Answers for Homeowners from Our Experts on Portico Cost and More

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What’s the difference between a front porch and a front portico?

Front Porches and porticoes can dramatically improve the curb appeal of your home. An expansive front porch adds more livable space for entertaining and relaxation. A good portico definition is a covered entrance for the front door that helps accentuate the entry area.[

The weather has wreaked havoc on my woodwork and threshold. Will a portico help?

Yes! A portico can help provide optimal protection for your guests, front entry and even your foyer. Doors, hardware and trim that are exposed to the weather eventually succumb to splintering, rotting, fading and more. Sun and rain damage can create the need to replace interior wood flooring in the entrance, doors and door frames, side lights and transoms. And, just think how your guests might feel waiting outside during a downpour. Porticoes offer a solution to more living space, especially in modestly sized homes with a limited lot size. Builders of town homes or cluster style communities are even finding this space necessary to decompress the feeling of attached living structures, making areas such as this standard to each home. Covering the entrance can substantially reduce and even eliminate those headaches. It’s a convenient amenity to protect guests on those cold rainy nights as they wait for the door to be answered. And don’t forget front porticoes make a perfect stage for holiday decorations. Georgia Front Porch will create several design options in a photo proposal, that will complement the architecture of your home. A new front porch or Atlanta portico definition from Georgia Front Porch will help save your entry from costly repair or replacement-while adding real value to your home!

What’s the typical size for a front portico?

Porticoes can be any size. Some homeowners choose to use their existing stoop footprint to base the roof size. Others increase the size by replacing or enlarging the existing stoop. The larger the portico the more protection, and in many cases a much more dramatic look. A popular size is 5 feet by 8 feet (40 sq ft), but it also depends on factors like number of columns desired.

How long does it take to build a front portico addition?

Based on the size of your portico addition, an average project may take anywhere from one day to 1 week.

How do I select a portico with the most curb appeal?

The benefit of the portico – which are inspired by the design of community-oriented neighborhoods — is the numerous styles to choose from and a variety of ways to customize. Basic styles are gabled, flat, curved or hip. Important considerations include following lines on the existing house while complementing the general style of the neighborhood. One preferred portico is flat with posts and railing above, simulating the elegance of a balcony. We also offer standing seam, coated metal roofs that can match existing metal details or create a more upscale appearance. Because construction details can vary (eg: roof styles, lighting, etc.), we will suggest an optimal design that will provide maximum curb appeal-from any angle. Every front portico is custom designed and tailored to complement your homes unique architecture. We typically develop a photo proposal for you to review-ensuring your satisfaction before any work begins.

What are the latest cutting edge materials?

There have been many advances in construction materials over the years. These include composite decking and imported hardwood for porch floors, and fiberglass columns, fascia, and ceiling materials. Most of these can be painted to match trim colors and will not split, rot, warp, or fall victim to termites. Low maintenance alternatives to wood include fiberglass, polyurethane, vinyl and wood composites.

What are some elements that help dress up the look of a front portico?

Practical as well as beautiful, front porticos can be one or more stories high, and may be as narrow as a door or as wide as an entire building. Roof material, trim, round vs. square columns, number of columns, floor material, hand railings, and step dimensions can all dress up the look of a front portico.

Can I use composite wood on my portico and how much will that cost?

Expect to budget 25 – 30% more for composite materials.

How do I get started?

Simply call 770-781-8234 and speak to a Georgia Front Porch expert or, if you have a digital camera, you can upload a photo of your existing front entry by clicking here.

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