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Arched Roof Porticoes

Arched Roof Portico

You will want to consider the architecture of your home and the style of your neighborhood when choosing the design. Georgia Front Porch works in many neighborhoods and can recommend styles that will complement your home and delight your neighbors. Did you know that colonial houses benefit by adding an arched portico? Gabled styles blend best with a gabled roof ranch home.

But can we admit to having favorites? Arched roof porticoes (also called ‘curved roof porticoes’) are simply beautiful and uniquely modern. More importantly, our customers love them, too. Around Atlanta, many traditional homes have arched windows and these porticoes are the perfect complement. If your home features curved transom windows, this portico style may be the best choice as it will mimic those graceful lines.

Of course, the top of the structure is what neighbors notice first with this style portico. Some arched portico rooflines may be fairly shallow due to the architectural constraints with the house, yet they are still quietly elegant with understated appeal. Other arched roof porticoes can curve much higher providing truly dramatic, ‘look at me!’ curb appeal.

How do construction materials compare to other portico styles? They are similar in many ways, except to note that arched porticoes feature metal roofs, not shingle, as there is typically not enough pitch. Some arched portico roofs are even clad in copper for a gorgeous, elegant look that naturally turns to a beautiful green patina as it ages. Arched portico styles often employ bead board ceilings inside.

Arched roof porticoes typically use hanging light fixtures for an added touch of elegance. If the interior vaulted ceiling is high enough over the doorway, some homeowners prefer hanging pendant lights. You may already have wall-mounted sconces. You might consider updating older, weathered lights with modern lantern lights. A cost-efficient solution that helps freshen your front entry even more. If you’d like other ideas, we’re happy to help recommend a few design accessories that will set off your new arched roof portico beautifully.

Looking for lower maintenance options? New construction materials include imported hardwood and fiberglass columns as well as wood composites. These alternative materials are virtually impervious to the enemies of wood, namely rotting, termites, warping, and splitting.

For smaller stoops or limited areas, it is possible to create an arched roof bracket portico, which doesn’t have columns. Because of new Georgia building codes, we can only build a bracket structure for clapboard sided homes. If you desire a bracket portico with a curved roof, talk to us first to make sure this would be a good solution for your residence.

Our curb appeal expert, Tim Moss, has over 18 years of experience in construction with Georgia Front Porch. His goal is always to surpass your expectations and ensure you’re completely satisfied with the process. Tim will discuss your curb appeal wish list and budget, discuss options, provide photo renditions of recommended styles at your request and see to it that your new addition is beautifully constructed.