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Contemporary Porches

Contemporary Front Porch Design

A porch addition for modern and contemporary residences might seem anachronistic, but with stunning designs and homeowners looking to update curb appeal and add living space — it’s a great solution. Across the country, a “New Urbanist” movement is afoot to create community-oriented neighborhoods. And with it, a long sought-after feature: contemporary porches. But, odds are pretty good that if you own a contemporary home, that’s an addition you may never have considered. On the other hand, there is probably nothing over your modern home’s front door to protect trim, door or guests.

Georgia Front Porch has developed a modern aesthetic for “front porch living” by integrating it into contemporary porch style — believing it is an essential component to building neighborliness in the community! We help accentuate the clean lines of your modern home with front porch styles that complement them. We employ unique design components that make your contemporary home even more attractive while providing the additional living space a front porch affords. Think features such as shed or flat roofs, modern timber supports, and more. Cantilevered canopies with recessed or industrial lighting add amazing curb appeal to mid-century and ultra modern homes.
A roof extension becomes a modern front porch when hung from wire tendrils or supported by corner columns. The size and space created by this type of overhang provides plenty of relaxation — even in inclement weather.

There are plenty of options for you to choose from when deciding on the perfect material for your contemporary front porch. Natural wood, stone, and composites are all options depending on how you want your porch to function. You will certainly want to use materials that match your residence, but you can also add interest to your modern porch by adding metals, tiles or other materials that can add formality or a rustic quality to the design.
While designing a front porch addition on a contemporary home may be a bit more challenging due to window placements, unusual angles, and geometric architecture, we’re certainly up to the task! Your new front porch will add value to your home and an addition to be enjoyed for many years to come. Contact us today for a free design consultation.