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Craftsman & Tudor

Craftsman Front Porch Design

Craftsman porches and homes are common in metro Atlanta, especially in older neighborhoods. Springing from the British Arts and Crafts movement from the 1860s, they gained momentum in America in the latter part of that century through the 1930s. Now enjoying a huge resurgence, this style of architecture harkens back to commonly beloved values such as simplicity, natural materials and a less-is-more design aesthetic. Craftsman style conveys a friendly, cozy feel making it an increasingly popular choice for Southern front porches.

Indeed, many of our customers have fallen in love with the “Craftsman look.” Which is no wonder, as they are quite impressive and eye-catching! This classic American style enjoys notably distinctive features.

Craftsman porches often utilize tapered, square columns anchored by stone pier pedestals. They look handsome on clapboard, stone or brick residences and typically employ earth tone exterior paint palettes.

Our Craftsman front porch designs often feature cedar columns and open gables with exposed rafters. Georgia Front Porch incorporates uplights that are attached to the beams and provide a dramatic view of the vaulted ceilings. Rustic hanging light fixtures add to their “arts and crafts” charm.

Did you know Craftsman style porches will even appear quite at home on ranch-style residences? It’s true. Since their low gable roofs mirror the lower profile of a ranch home, they create an expansive feel and a very comfortable outdoor living space. And, f your ranch home appears a little non-descript, a craftsman porch will add special style and amazing curb appeal!

English Tudor Front Porch Design

English Tudor homes do not typically have a conventional full front porch, but that hasn’t stopped some owners from looking for solutions that prevent degradation of their front doors and beautiful Tudor trim. In addition, Tudor homeowners are looking to add more outdoor living space by way of a full front porch. Some opt to create a projecting gabled front porch that encompasses a round arched doorway with brick trim and stone ‘tabs.’ In keeping with tradition, some Tudor homeowners add a side or off-set porch, usually 8 to 12 feet in depth, with a wide elliptical arched opening set under a main roof extension.

Whether you dream of a Craftsman style porch or an English Tudor front porch, you can trust Georgia Front Porch to help you make the right decisions on style, size and features that fit your goals and budget. We can provide photo renditions that will truly take the mental picture you have into something that’s even more beautiful and much closer to reality. That’s a free service we offer to help you make the best choice. Contact Gary Zielinski today at 770-781-8234 for a complementary design consultation.