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Gabled Roof Porticos

Gable Roof Portico

A gabled portico is certainly among the most popular portico styles, and fits well on a variety of home designs. The style of a gabled roof is simple yet practical, nothing more than a triangle shape, usually more wide than tall. Despite its basic design, a gabled roof can create a clean and inviting look that appears very natural and isn’t distracting.

Gabled roofs can also increase the longevity of a home’s infrastructure as they encourage water runoff. The choice of material can influence their strength. Although asphalt shingles are popular, metal designs may be even more advantageous. Metal is longer lasting and lighter than asphalt, but the material is more expensive.

At Georgia Front Porch, we focus on complementing the architectural gables on your existing roofline (eg: matching dentil molding or other features). Keep in mind that you will need to have height available above the front door, more than 2 feet at the bare minimum, which many homes don’t have due to windows or architectural barriers. This open space will determine whether your gable is shallow or pitched.

The inside ceiling of a gable portico can be quite attractive and designed as either barrel (arched), or vaulted (flat/peaked). If you enjoy a Palladian (arched) window directly over your front door, then a barrel ceiling would echo and complement the shape while still allowing daylight into your home.

It’s easy to dress up a gable portico with little architectural details such as Dentil molding, an arched timber pediment for a Craftsman look, stone or brick bases, column design, lantern or hung lighting, even new street numbers. Whatever design embellishments you choose, your family, neighbors and visitors will appreciate the new look your home receives with a gable roof portico.

At an easy to afford price, gable porticos are a great solution for your home. And did we mention, they are also wonderful at protecting your front entry and foyer from inclement weather? That’s not to mention that porticos also help protect your packages from rain, snow, ice and the hot Southern sun.

If you provide us with a straight, front view of your home, we can create two or more design options to help you decide on the look of your new gable roof portico. By the way, our customers love to see the photo-realistic options and agree they really do help select the most appealing design. This service is absolutely free! Let’s talk and discuss what might be the best design and features to fit your home and budget. Give us a call today for a no-hassle, free design consultation at 770-781-8234.