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A garage arbor (also known as a ‘garage trellis’ or ‘garage pergola’) provides a unique accent and focal point to your home. Attached above garage doors, they function as an extension as your house and provide additional shade for your garage. They can be supported by columns or hefty end brackets — and crossbeams ensure plenty of strength to support the upper lattice design. Garage arbors make a bold architectural statement and are designed to match the scale of your home.

Garage arbors from Georgia Front Porch often feature a casual and informal style that is a little more budget friendly than a garage portico — which has a closed roof. Since this type of trellis design allows sunlight through its frame, this overhead arbor creates a unique light and shadow interplay that changes throughout the day. Georgia Front Porch recommends employing custom square lattices for garage arbors as they convey a more contemporary, fresher design.

Would you like to add additional color and curb appeal to your new exterior feature? Garage pergolas also offer a way for climbing vines to grow up and over them, helping to soften the appearance of garage doors. Consider a colorful botanical such as Wisteria, Clematis, Climbing Hydrangeas, etc. And if the vines are scented, like Honeysuckle or Jasmine, you can enjoy the wonderful, seasonal fragrance as you walk under or around your attractive garage arbor.