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Garage Arbors & Porticos

Garage Arbors & Porticos

A garage portico is different than an arbor in that if features a closed roof vs. a trellis design. Attached above garage doors, they function as an extension as your house and provide additional shade for your garage. Like garage arbors, porticos can be supported by columns or stylish end brackets. Hefty crossbeams ensure plenty of strength to support the closed roof design. Garage porticos make a bold architectural statement and are designed to match the scale of your home.

Garage porticos provide a solid, contemporary feel above the doors. They help protect wood and trim on garage doors and are suspended by brackets or columns. Families with carriage-style garage doors find them particularly attractive. The depth on garage porticos is usually around 3 feet. Piers that match the front of the home provide a more formal appeal. Oftentimes, garage porticos employ motion-sensitive flood or recessed lighting for added safety.

Garage porticos from Georgia Front Porch feature shingle, metal, copper roofing. Material choices are mandated by your home’s existing architecture and your budget.

Porticos can also serve as a breezeway and connecting point between the home and a detached garage. These porticos provide shade and protection from rain and snow, allowing an easy, enjoyable walk between two structures. If the portico is wide enough, include ample seating or bench swings to enjoy this space as an outdoor room. Other features to consider would include columns, lattice, lighting and ceiling fans for added beauty and comfort.