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Round Porticos

Round Porticos

A rounded, sometimes called semi-circular or curved portico, is the epitome of a beautiful, traditional entry point and is spectacularly regal. Just think of the famous South Portico on the White House built in 1830. Throughout the United States, these curb appeal beauties can be seen embellishing a large number of historic homes, most notably on Federal-style facades. Other architectural designs also feature semi-circular porticos including Victorian, Traditional, Colonial Revival, Neo-Classical and even Rustic and Craftsman style homes.

Rounded porticos will have two or more columns for structural support. They may also feature a balustrade (a railing or ornamental parapet) with balusters (small posts) to protect an upper balcony and add a beautiful design component.

Rounded porticos can be formal or semi-formal depending on the design and architectural flavor of the residence. They are usually more spacious than a typical portico and that means you might consider topiary plantings or a small seating group to extend a warm welcome to family and guests.

One caveat: you normally want to put a semi-circular portico over a round stoop. If you are considering a round portico and have a common square or rectangular stoop, usually 5 feet and under, you will probably need to factor a round replacement stoop into your budget.

If you decide to replace your front stoop to accommodate a semi-circular portico, you don’t have to stick with concrete. Some homeowners opt for elegant and traditional brick pavers, steps, and walkways. You may even choose a mix of concrete for the main area of the stoop and a stunning brick or stone border to further emphasize the curved shape of your entry. This is especially fitting if the home is constructed or has elements of brick or stone.

Georgia Front Porch has also replaced old, deteriorating rounded porticos and we can do the same for your entry. We offer low-maintenance options as wood substitutes. These alternatives include imported hardwood, composites and fiberglass for columns, ceilings, fascias and other components. These materials are virtually impervious to rotting, termites, warping and splitting. That means you can enjoy your new portico for many, many years to come.

If you are dreaming of a grand and unique portico, a rounded portico may be the clear design winner for you. You can depend on craftsmen from Georgia Front Porch to design and build the perfect rounded portico to beautify your residence. Let’s talk about how your new, beautiful front entry may be the envy of your neighborhood. Call Tim Moss at 770-781-8234 for a free design consultation today.

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