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2022 Front Porch Design Trends

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Last year, we ran an article about front porch trends, and those great design ideas are still relevant for 2022. A front porch serves the dual purpose of adding more living space to your home while increasing its value when it comes time to sell. Let’s review some of the hottest design trends:


Add Natural Textures

Wood trim, copper or bronze gutters, a metal roof over the front porch and other natural elements are trending but also timeless. These add texture and depth to your home’s curb appeal. On a budget? Consider vinyl siding or faux stone!


Dual Purpose Furniture

Versatile outdoor furniture is a great way to get the most enjoyment from your front porch. For example, stools that can be used for seating, as end tables, or stackable chairs. Or modular tables that can be pulled apart to accommodate more people or models with hidden compartments for cutlery or drinks give you the ultimate in flexibility.


Let Mother Nature Bring the Color

Once spring arrives, plant begonias, ferns, and geraniums to overflow planters and window boxes. Et voila! Your front porch becomes the family’s new favorite place! If you seek a stately and elegant look, choose a pair of tall urns to frame your front door. Save some cash with planters made from composite materials rather than wood. They are easier to maintain and will outlive wood options.


Make Comfort a Priority

Your front porch is a functional living space, so why not make it as comfortable as possible? Start with a rug to define your space and if you have a porch swing, add as many pillows as possible to transform it into a swinging sofa! Choose bold colors, for example, periwinkle and orange tied together with a neutral grey, for some cool comfort. Want to get cozy? An egg chair is fun, yet modern, and the perfect combination of comfort and style. Pair it with cozy pillows or a rug, for a more personal feel.


Let There Be Light

Sufficient lighting is certainly a must for safety and security. However, don’t settle for floodlights or a front porch sconce. Consider lighting that highlights your home’s features while also creating a warm and inviting ambiance. Strategically position small spotlights around your home. You can even camouflage them so during the day they are virtually invisible and don’t detract from your home’s aesthetic. Path lights are another option and there are innumerable style and power sources (ie: electrical and solar) available.


Georgia Front Porch understands the latest trends, but our projects remain timeless. Talk to our curb appeal expert to discover how your home can benefit both in lifestyle and return on investment. Contact us today or a free design consultation.

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