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Portico or Porch Renovation: 7 Fresh Spring Curb Appeal Tips

Great Curb appeal and porch renovation

There are easy and cheap ways to freshen up the front of your house or do a quick front portico or porch renovation for great spring (and summer) curb appeal. Here are seven expert tips from our front porch contractors on how to spruce up the outside of your home for an updated look.

Spring Curb Appeal Tips for Portico or Porch Renovation

  1. Assess your landscaping.

A well-maintained lawn and garden are essential for good curb appeal. Trim back any overgrown bushes and trees, and plant some colorful flowers or shrubs to add a splash of color. Keep your lawn looking sharp by mowing and edging. If you have a porch or portico, consider adding chairs, a small table, and perhaps a bench swing to maximize relaxation and take advantage of added living space.

  1. Clean up the walkways and driveway.

Make sure the walkways and driveway are free of debris and dirt. Pressure washing can make your driveway brighter and newer. Same with pressure washing a house! Edging the drive and sidewalk makes for a more polished appearance.

  1. Update your lighting.

Outdoor lighting can make a big difference in the look and feel of your home’s exterior. Whether it’s post lighting by the street, solar to light a sidewalk, or wall sconces near the front door, it’s important to choose a style that complements the architecture and adds a warm and inviting atmosphere.

  1. Install new house numbers.

Adding new house numbers is a quick and affordable way to freshen the look of your home. Choose a style that complements your property’s exterior design, and make sure they’re easy to read from the street.

  1. Add your own personal touches.

A lovely, new welcome mat, a few of your favorite potted plants, a swing, or a winding garden path can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your home’s exterior and porch renovation.

Other Ways to Give Your Home New Curb Appeal

  1. Add a fresh coat of paint.

A new coat of exterior paint can go a long way in making your home more attractive and welcoming. Select a color that fits the style of your home and coordinates with the landscaping. If your home looks fine as is, consider adding window boxes with greenery and flowers that tie in with shutters or the front door — providing a thoughtful, cohesive look.

  1. Replace the front door.

Your front door is the first part of the house that prospective buyers will see, so make sure it looks its best. If necessary, replace it with a new door that fits the style of the home. If the door is in decent shape, a fresh coat of paint will work wonders. Here’s an interesting fact: a black door with a shiny finish may sell for up to $6,500 more than a similar house with a different colored door. That said, colorful doors painted yellow, teal, or red can add dramatic curb appeal.

Stunning Portico or Porch Renovation by Georgia Front Porch

Do you have a flat-faced home that truly needs a facelift? Consider a front portico or porch renovation from Georgia Front Porch for maximum curb appeal and to increase the value of your home and property. Contact us for a free, no-hassle design consultation today.

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