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Front Porch Atlanta Experts: Transition Flowerpots & Container Gardens from Summer to Fall


Summer may be the prime time for flowers, but that doesn’t mean your greenery has to go into hibernation in the fall. Our front porch Atlanta experts give their tips on how to effectively transition your outdoor plants and flowers to the next season. These easy instructions can be mimicked every fall for a seamless home décor transition.


Transition Flowerpots, Container Gardens, and Other Greenery

Regroup Containers

Simply switch your pots around, rather than replant them. Evaluate your potted plants and determine which ones would work best together in your fall container. For example, you may want to move those with ornamental grasses nearer to ones that have a complementary leaf color, as long as lighting requirements are about the same.

Remove Spent Flowers, Trim & Prune

Start by removing plants from your pots that don’t appear healthy. While you are busy removing spent plants, cut off dead flowers and leaves on other plants to keep them looking healthy. Once done, step back and determine whether you need to shape each arrangement further.

Fill Gaps with Fall Flowers

Insert mums, pansies, and other fall flowers into spaces in your arrangements. Choose orange, gold, red, and deep purple hues for a more seasonal look. Small ornamental grasses are dramatic and will retain their form well into Georgia’s winters.

Create Texture

Consider plants with berries, small branches, or broad foliage to add texture. Layer your plants. First, put tall blooms such as dwarf Alberta spruce, reeds, or twigs (‘Thrillers’) in the middle. Then, add bushy, medium-sized flowers as fillers such as mums, verbena, flowering kale, heather, or pansies. Finally, complement with ‘Spiller’ plants that cascade over the containers’ sides (eg: creeping Jenny or ivy). Add a pop of additional color and interest with mini pumpkins or gourds.

Energize, Refresh

Use a water-soluble fertilizer to give your front porch’s new plants a fresh head start. Follow package directions and count on applying a second round two weeks later.

Move Pots Before Frost Comes Knocking

Flowerpots are portable which makes it easy to move them away from the impact of frost. Simply take them into your garage or onto a covered front porch or back porch until temperatures rise.


Our Front Porch Atlanta Experts Have More Outdoor Living Tips

Your newly transitioned fall flowers and plants will add curb appeal, bring joy to your yard, and brighten your day. When you use the right process, transitioning your flowerpots and containers from summer to fall is a breeze. Gardening is very therapeutic, but it doesn’t have to be tedious, so take it easy on yourself. You deserve it!

For more curb appeal tips, count on our front porch Atlanta team for professional advice from arbors to Zen gardens.

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