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Atlanta Portico Builders Help You Choose the Right Portico for Your Home

Atlanta portico builders


When it comes to choosing expert portico builders for your home it’s important to consider a few things such as style, craftsmanship, budget, etc. A portico addition is a great way to improve your home’s exterior appearance and will both increase its curb appeal and value. Porticos also help to protect you from inclement weather when entering or exiting your home.

Types of Portico Additions

Typically, a portico is designed to complement the existing roof of your home. Portico builders will work with you to find a portico that complements your home’s style, your existing roof line, and the style of the columns. Some homeowners prefer to match their existing roof precisely, while others decide to choose a style that accents their current roof. There are several styles of porticos available; the most common are listed below.

Round Portico

A round portico is shaped like a semicircle and is often designed over an existing rounded stoop, supported by columns. The columns can be any shape you like but typically they are either square or round.

Bracket Portico

A bracket portico is held in place with brackets instead of columns. The brackets are usually designed as a triangle that attaches the portico to your house directly instead of using columns that come straight down to the ground. Bracket porticos are compact and ideal for homes with limited space. Talk to our portico experts to determine whether a bracket portico may work for your home.

Flat Portico

Similar to bracket porticos a shed or flat portico is supported by columns and is also ideal for those with less space. It is a less formal style of the portico and one of the most affordable types to build.

Atlanta Portico Builders Build a Variety of Roof Porticos

There are also several portico roof styles to consider if this is something that is more your style and would better complement your home.

Gabled Roof Portico

A gabled roof portico is one of the more popular portico designs Georgia Front Porch builds for our customers. This type of roof is shaped like a triangle. If your home already has a gabled roof, a portico with the same design style will match the aesthetic perfectly. Gabled porticos can be shallow or pitched depending on the available space above your entry door. They can also feature an arched façade and interior ceiling.

Upper Rail Portico

Upper rail porticos are flat and can support a balcony. However, if you have a window, that’s only decorative and not working, you won’t be able to use the roof as a balcony.

Arched Roof Portico

For homes that have a half-circle window above their front door, an arched roof portico is an elegant choice, since the arc of the roof can be designed to follow the curve of the window.

Hip Roof Portico

A hip portico roof will slope down gently on all sides and is similar to a flat roof portico — although it can also curve down creating very elegant curb appeal. Typically, if your home has a hip-style roof, you should match your portico by choosing the same style.

Other Factors to Consider According to Expert Portico Builders

In addition to the style of portico you want to install in your home, you should also consider how the various options for portico styles work for your home’s exterior. For example, you don’t want to install a portico style that will block any windows on your home. Another factor to consider is your home’s roof lines. Depending on whether your home has singular or multiple roof lines can impact your decision on which portico roof style will look best with your home.

The finish of the portico is another factor to consider since this may impact the available colors you can choose from, and the level of maintenance the portico will require. The style of columns can also be customized to your home and style preferences. Some homeowners choose to install rounded columns, while others prefer a squared look.

One last thing to consider is that installing a portico will increase your home’s value. Experts say a portico addition can add at least 6% to your house’s value.

Make sure you get a portico that will complement your home and exude gorgeous curb appeal for decades to come. Call our portico expert, Tim Moss, today to request a free design consultation at 770-781-8234 or contact our team of Atlanta portico builders online.

Atlanta portico builders

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