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How to Make a Great Entrance

Front Entry

When you think about it, your front entry or foyer is a visitor’s first impression of your home. The irony is that of all the rooms to address, the foyer isn’t one that people tend to think about. So, allow us to give you a few ideas to get the juices flowing, so, well, you’ll start thinking about it!

Consider Function First

Do you have a place for your keys? How about the mail? Do you need a place for your guest’s umbrella? Does your foyer have a closet for hanging coats? If you are fortunate enough to have an existing infrastructure to house umbrellas or boots, all the better. If not, get a little creative with an umbrella stand or a coat rack if there is no front hall closet.

Use Color or a Pattern to Create a Wow Factor

Brightly colored paint or wallpaper with stunning texture can express your fun side especially if the foyer is small.

Make the Most of Your Space

If your space is narrow, add a large mirror to open it up and reflect the light. Add a vase of fresh-cut flowers for a splash of color.

Don’t Forget the Lighting

Make sure you have adequate lighting for stairs or dark corners in your hallway. A combination of overhead and accent lighting should do the trick.

If You Don’t Have a Foyer, Create One

If your front door leads directly to your living space, add a sconce or a small table to add separation.  Other options include bookshelves, screens or fabrics to differentiate your space.

Remember Your Visitor’s First Impression is Street Side

Did you know that most home buyers won’t even consider a home with poor curb appeal?  And while you may not be in the market to sell, your friends and neighbors see your house nearly every day. That’s why it’s important to keep shrubs trimmed up, driveway and sidewalks clean/edged and the exterior of your well home maintained. Your front entry should have a nice welcoming appeal (think seasonal wreaths, welcome mat, colorful potted plants, etc.

And if your front entry needs a portico to protect the front door — or you’re looking to add more living space to the front of your home,  Georgia Front Porch truly does know how to make a great entrance! Talk to Gary about your needs and discover just how transformative our curb appeal makeover are!

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