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Learn How We Render Porch Designs

At Georgia Front Porch, we pride ourselves on great porch and portico designs. Now, Gary Zielinski (Senior Designer) provides a backstage peek into how our company creates photo renditions.

Q: Do you always provide options for both porch and portico customers using photos of their own homes?

A: In most cases we do because we think it is essential for our customers to see how the new portico or porch design blends in with their home’s design. The images we provide work very well for obtaining HOA approval for the addition.  Occasionally, a customer will see a portico on our website that looks very much like their own home’s design so they don’t need the photos.

Q: Do you always ask for a meeting (versus email requests) prior to serving up options?

A: A meeting isn’t required but we highly recommend one so we can discuss needs, budget, initial options and more. It also gives the homeowner an opportunity to ask questions and share their thoughts. If both homeowners work during the day, I can drop by, take measurements and shoot a few images of their home for photo renderings.

Q: Do you ask the homeowners to take a photo or do you do that?

A: We usually shoot the photos but sometimes customers will email us their own photos, especially if they are a little outside of our area. For example, Acworth, which is about 30 miles away from us.

Q: How long does this take to turn around renderings? Any cost to homeowner?

A: Photo renderings typically take one-to-two business days after we have an image. We provide a few different options for a cost of $100 which will come off the final invoice if we are awarded the project.

Q: Do you think renderings provide a competitive advantage for Georgia Front Porch? What do people say when they decide to choose GFP? 

A: Our customers often make very positive comments about the renderings because they find them extremely helpful in deciding on the best size, design style and features for their porch or portico. For example, it helps them see the differences between a gable or flat roof in relationship to their home or what a portico might look like as an extension of their front entrance.

Q: What kind of views should customers expect?

A: Our customers only see a front-on view, but that is sufficient for these types of projects. We generally provide two-to-three options so they can make an informed decision.

Q: What’s the biggest surprise for homeowners when they see the rendering? What specific areas do they respond to most favorably (e.g. roof line, architectural details like columns, etc.)?

A: A lot of times, the roof line is the first thing they notice. For example, after they view different options, they might say, “I love the top railing. It really adds a lot of curb appeal,“ or, “I don’t want a flat roof. It doesn’t do anything for me,” or “Now that I see it, it looks a little small. Can we make the portico wider?”

Here’s an interesting story. Recently, a homeowner asked if I could take a photo of a neighbor’s portico that she really loved and wanted for her own home. She asked if I could make a rendering with the portico over her home’s front facade. I created the rendering and sent it to her. Her response? “Now that I see it, I hate that portico on my home. Wow, you saved me from making a big mistake!”  Yes, our renderings can be quite helpful.

Finally, I wanted to share with our readers that if they know anyone out of state who is looking to upgrade their curb appeal, they can arrange for a rendering. It’s a small investment to help ensure they get what they want from a local resource!


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