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Make Your Front Yard More Neighbor-Friendly

Go down memory lane for a moment. Where you grew up, did your family have a connection with your neighbors? Now consider your current neighborhood. Do you have similar relationships with neighbors? If the answer to the latter question is “no,” consider these ideas for helping build a sense of community by creating spaces where neighbors can mix naturally. When you form a relationship with the people around you, you create an environment in which people look out for each other. Isn’t that what a community is all about?

  1. Shade the sidewalk. Consider placing a tree where it will shade the sidewalk to help create a pleasant environment and encourage walking and visiting among neighbors. Trees provide rain and sun protection, and temperature differentials of 5 to 15 degrees are felt when walking on tree-canopied streets.
  2. Install a low fence at the front of your property. Placing a low fence near the edge of the sidewalk allows ample room for planting and creates visual interest for pedestrians. Consider planting daisies or velvety plants like lamb’s ear.
  3. Create a funnel effect to your front door. Increase the width of your home’s main path to act as a guide for visitors to your door or front porch. Plant low-water greenery vegetation at an angle and tier the plants to keep the views open to the neighborhood.
  4. Let there be light. No epiphanies here, but good lighting offers many benefits to your neighbors. First, it adds a level of safety and is a proven deterrent to crime. Second, when you eliminate pools of light and darkness, you make it less of a hazard for all neighbors—particularly those who are elderly.
  5. Do some serious planting. Use richly textured planting designs to establish the mood of your garden. Consider plants that are either native to the Atlanta area or have adapted to the area. Native plants are heartier and will be more sustainable over time.
  6. Have a place to hang out. Front porches are a natural invitation to hang out with friends and family. Heck, even Andy sat and played guitar to Opie, Aunt Bea, and visitors on the Andy Griffith show back in the day! Don’t have a front porch? Create a seating area in the front yard nestled among mature trees. Or better yet, contact us and we’ll build the perfect front porch addition or portico hangout for you!
  7. Have a ready-made entertainment center on your front porch. The more comfortable your front porch appears to neighbors, the more inclined they are to stop by for a friendly chat. Set up chairs so people face each other to encourage conversations. Add a table and you are ready to entertain at a moment’s notice!

If you’re considering a new front porch or a porch remodel, it might be challenging to sift through front porch contractors. Why not go with a proven team who specializes in designing and constructing the perfecting curb appeal addition for your residence? Georgia Front Porch builds everything from simple bracket porticos to full front porch additions. Reach out for a free design consultation with our expert, Gary Zielinski.

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