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Options to Consider with Front Porch Ceiling Design

Looking for a way to add charm to your front porch? Start by looking up—at the ceiling! Most porches either are open with visible rafter or covered with various materials. Perhaps you have an unfinished porch ceiling or are bothered by the look of underside roof materials.

Today, there are many choices beyond basic plywood to enhance your front porch ceiling to create a warmer, more inviting environment. Vaulted ceilings can be ideal in hot areas and on small porches since it is installed directly under the roof pitch. If you’re seeking a rustic feel, open porch ceilings can provide charm since they reveal the supporting rafters of your ceiling.

Closed Ceiling Options

For a more finished and tailored look with a traditional style, these closed ceiling options should provide just the right ‘fit’ for your makeover.

Bead board panels bring an old fashioned look to your porch ceiling — not to mention a very popular choice for Southern porch ceilings.  It is easy to install over plywood and can be painted or stained. For little or no maintenance, use vinyl bead board.

Tongue and groove is arguably the most attractive of all ceiling materials. It comes in a variety of woods, is typically stained and can be customized to meet your specific needs. And you don’t have to employ it as a ‘straight run.’ If your front porch is wide enough, consider installing your new tongue and groove ceiling in a herringbone pattern for added interest.

PVC bead board is a solid core, cellular vinyl material that stands up well even under the severest weather conditions. It is ideal for a coastal or beach porch. Available in a variety of colors, PVC ceilings come in center bead or v-groove designs.

Composite is a great low maintenance ceiling. It resists moisture, will not rot and comes in v-groove or bead design.

A coffered front porch ceiling
creates an unexpected and handsome statement to a wide front porch. Stately and traditional, this ceiling style adds dimension and character to your entry. Add recessed lighting and comfortable seating and your home will exude charm and hospitality!

Finally, here’s a little known fact. It is a Southern tradition to paint ceilings blue. Why? Well, blue adds a calming ambience for porch sitters (think blue skies), keep mosquitoes away, deters bugs from building nests there, but most important of all — it wards off evil spirits!

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