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Thinking of Selling Your Home? It’s What’s on the Outside that Counts

enhance curb appeal before selling your home

If your current or future plans include selling your home, curb appeal can have a significant impact on the sale price. In fact, a recent study discovered that attractive curb appeal can increase the value of your home by 7% or more. Here are a few reasons why curb appeal is so important and some ideas to make your home as attractive as possible.


Curb Appeal Begins On The Internet

Nearly 90% of home searches begin online. Flattering photos of your home, starting with the exterior, can make all the difference between being a top pick or being overlooked. Many realtors have the professional photos taken for you, but if you choose to do so yourself, take them during the best time of day for lighting and without any extra clutter such as cars, bikes, toys, garden tools, hoses, etc.

It’s What Buyers See First

The first impression of your home goes a long way to establishing value in the buyer’s mind. A well appointed exterior and landscaping will set the tone for a positive tour. If their first impression is negative you may have lost them before they entered the front door.

The Perception of Maintenance Issues

If the grass is uncut or patchy, or the paint is fading on your house, buyers may perceive that your home has more maintenance issues than they want to tackle.

Give Your Home’s Exterior a Competitive Edge

Some prospects will not bother going inside if the curb appeal is lacking. A home with beautiful landscaping can make your property stand out from the competition and help increase the sale price because it enhances the perceived value of your home. Consider brightly colored potted plants on your porch or near the sidewalk. They’re easy to care for and can be changed out seasonally.

Look Up When Boosting Curb Appeal

Improving your landscaping is the obvious first step toward engaging buyers, but also take a close look at your roof. If your roof needs replacement, doing so before it hits the market will help you get a higher price. Buyers factor replacing the roof into their offer which may impact what they are willing to pay. Even if your roof is in good shape, make sure the gutters are clean and debris-free.

Keep Your Home’s Exterior Clean

A good power washing can make all the difference for your home. It is a comparatively small investment that will pay big dividends. You can start by taking care of the little things such as removing weeds from your driveway, which are obvious turnoffs. Even if your driveway looks a little worn, that won’t be a deal breaker if it is clean and weed-free.

Lighten Things Up

Showings take place during the day and at night, so make sure your lighting makes your home as attractive as possible. One cost-effective option is to string low-voltage lighting along your driveway, sidewalks, and near important landscaping elements.

Add Ooomph to Your Entry

If your home has a ‘flat face’ or just needs a fresh facelift, it may be time to consider adding a portico or porch. Either option can translate into a higher selling price for your home down the road.


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improved curb appeal with new entrance and portico

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