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5 Great Ideas for Enjoying Your Porch or Patio this Winter

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Compared to the Northeast and Midwest, Atlanta’s winters are a walk in the park. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t get our fair share of cold days. The falling temperatures discourage us from spending time on our outdoor porches and patios. It doesn’t have to be that way! Here are a few ideas to help you enjoy your outdoor space even in chilly weather.

1) Keep you and your guests warm

Few things are more soothing than a warm blanket and throw pillow. Choose warm, cheerful colors to help beat the winter blues. Think about adding outdoor curtains to your porch. We suggest selecting darker shades because they will serve the dual purpose of absorbing sunlight while shielding your patio from cold winds.

2) Install an outdoor fireplace

Whether you opt for a permanent structure or settle for a portable version, an outdoor fireplace is a sure bet to keep you warm when you are on your patio or porch. If you don’t want to go the fireplace route, an outdoor heater is an excellent option. Most heaters are propane-powered and easy to maintain.

3) Add more lighting

Don’t let the early sundown keep you inside. Install solar and/or LED light fixtures on your porch or patio. Strings lights are a popular way to make your space more festive.

4) Protect your patio from winter’s chill

Enclosing your patio with screens, plastic, or glass walls is a sure-fire way to shield you from the cold. If you have an open or screened back porch, Atlanta Decking can install Eze-Breeze windows to keep your living space a little warmer and more liveable in colder months.

5) Consider a hot tub

Hot tubs are soothing all year-round but have almost a magical effect in winter. What can feel better than soaking in a hot tub when the temperatures plummet? When you are planning your hot tub, don’t forget the privacy screen or enclosure.

Whatever ideas you come up with, we can help you with that! Contact us to begin brainstorming ways you can truly enjoy backyard living year-round.

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