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Swing Time! Choosing the Right Swing for Your Atlanta Porch

For many Atlantans, a screen porch is practically a four-season sanctuary. Is there anything more relaxing than a porch swing or a swing bed? Before you answer that question, let’s spend some time differentiating the two…

— Porch Swing —

While porch swings are typically designed for smaller spaces, they still look great on a wide Atlanta porch. Most swings fit two and are ideal for a relaxing conversation or swinging solo with a good book. You can choose from a wide range of options from teak, to cypress, cedar, resin or other materials. In most cases they do not come with cushions, so be prepared to do some additional shopping.

Installation can be tricky if your skills are a bit limited. We recommend hiring a handyman to ensure the chains are properly secured to your porch’s roof. That can be trickier than it sounds. Let’s not even consider what might happen if they are not installed correctly. Of course, one way to avoid this issue altogether is to choose a version that comes with its own stand. 

– Swing Beds –

When you think swing bed, think luxury.
 Keep in mind you’ll need more porch space to accommodate a swing bed than you would require for a porch swing. Most available models fit a regular sized twin mattress which you can enjoy as a regular bed that is perfect for an afternoon nap. They are designed to sway more gently than a porch swing for the ultimate napping experience! 

Half the fun is choosing the extras — whether they are cushions, throw pillows or blankets. Of course, all this luxury comes at a cost. Swing beds, on average, are much more expensive than porch swings.

Still undecided? Perhaps you should sleep on it!

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