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7 Surprising Features for Your Front Yard

With autumn and the holidays beginning just weeks away (assuming you’re including Halloween), now is a great time to plan your entry for a great seasonal welcome! Your front porch or stoop is the perfect place to create an eye-catching focal point such as colorful potted plants, garland, lighting, benches, fabrics, lanterns, etc.

But you don’t have to be limited to the front entry when your home’s curb appeal is much larger than that! Sure, a nice lawn and mulching are a start. But we bet you haven’t considered these unexpected ideas! 

1 – Show your artsy side with a metal sculpture that’s sure to be an eye-catcher. Perch it on your front lawn or porch and it becomes a charming, unofficial mascot!

2 – Hide an ugly utility post or box with plantings and a freestanding corner fence. A ‘slipcover box’ made of bead board and topped by a birdhouse easily disguises a utility post and draws nature into your yard.

3 – A fanciful garden in an open area of the yard is definitely eye-catching. This might take the form of animal-shaped topiaries, metal sculpture on pea gravel or grass, or aluminum- or ceramic-shaped objects.

4 – What’s more soothing than a waterfall? But you don’t have to confine them to the backyard. Locating a waterfall and seating area in the front yard is not only a beautiful setting for relaxing and enjoying the pleasing sound of softly rushing water, but it also boosts your curb appeal.

5 – Have fun out front! Got a few trees out in the yard? Consider giving them expressions by adding face accessories such as eyes, nose, and mouth. They’re quite whimsical and if you add several to nearby trees, they could even appear like they’re having a conversation! There are other creatures you can attach to trees like fanciful woodpeckers and ceramic raccoons. You’ll delight the children and make your neighbors smile!

6 – Tired of mowing? How about slowly expanding your perennial garden? Given the environmental impact of most lawns (not to mention the maintenance) some folks are opting for a lawn-less front yard. A Zen-focused front entry has loads of texture and a bubbling stone fountain, easily viewed from the street, porch, or surrounding path. The established gardens need no extra watering and thrive on just the water Mother Nature provides. Plus many birds and other wildlife are drawn to the water feature to drink!

7 – Add a custom front porch or portico with special features such as stone piers with tapered columns, arched metal roofs, lattice, or other details. If your front door doesn’t enjoy the protection of a porch or portico addition, odds are it’s also missing important curb appeal. Design elements that compliment your home help make it truly unique and memorable when it comes time to sell. Thinking about adding a new front porch or portico to your home? Contact Gary, our curb appeal expert.



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