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Give your Garage Doors Style and Curb Appeal with a Garage Arbor Overhang

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Have you noticed how highly visible many garages are from the street? It’s often the first thing a visitor sees when they pass your home. Many times garages are designed and built with little to no architectural accents. In other words, they’re rather plain. Large, flat open spaces can detract from the beauty of your residence.

A recent trend with homeowners is adding a garage arbor or portico. It’s a special strategy to make a home unique and give it wonderful curb appeal. Custom garage arbors and garage porticos help break up long open spaces and give homes the needed extra dimension to create a visually pleasing first impression. In short, garage arbors and porticos are a great way to dress up a plain entry point.

A Garage Arbor Becomes a Charming Focal Point

This focal point acts as a gateway to your home and could also be called a garage trellis. Its airy beauty creates irresistible appeal. Garage arbors often enjoy double duty, and even more curb appeal. They are often recruited to help nurture and support exotic flowers or beautiful, scented vines such as Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Clematis, or Wisteria. Now, who says a garage exterior needs to remain ugly? Not with a beautiful garage arbor from Georgia Front Porch!

Garage arbors often feature a casual and informal style that is a little more budget friendly than a garage portico, which has a closed roof. Since this type of trellis design allows sunlight through its frame, this overhead arbor creates a unique light and shadow interplay that changes throughout the day.

A Garage Portico Adds Handsome Allure

Adding a garage portico creates an elegant garage canopy that can accent your house and offer practical covering. They differ from arbors since they feature a closed roof design instead of a trellis design.

Garage porticos and garage arbors can be supported by brackets or posts and both are very sturdy. Garage porticos offer additional shade and protection for your doors as they help protect wood and trim. The garage portico roof covering is typically shingle or metal. They can also feature lattice, ceiling fans, and lighting if budget allows.

Our customized garage arbors and garage porticos are great way to add more dimension and architectural interest to your residence. We use the best quality wood and hardware to last for years to come and give you plenty of strength to hang your plants or accents. Each garage arbor or portico is custom designed to fit your specific space, complement your home’s architecture, and create the most curb appeal. The length, width, and braces can all be customized to accent your home’s existing detail.

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