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9 Nifty Ways Decorate Your Porch for Early Fall

Early fall begins the transition to less humidity and quality time on the front porch. So let’s get started with a few curb appeal tips to help you get ready for the new season!

  1. Clean and De-clutter– Start the season with a clean slate. Make some time to pressure wash, deep clean, and de-clutter. Remove porch items that have seen better days or no longer serve your needs. Then, start anew.
  2. Add Fall Colors– Your front porch is the most welcoming element of your home. Add a pop of color to keep things fresh. Or, if you are going for a more relaxed vibe, choose soft whites, grays, and camels. As you near Halloween, bring in cinnamon, pumpkin, sage, green apple, and other fall hues.
  3. Incorporate Nature into Your Décor– Incorporate natural elements like branches or foliage from your yard for a more rustic look. Complement them with popular floral options like goldenrod, bell flower, sedum, sage, or heather. Etsy is a great place to find unique items like the faux pumpkins filled with live succulents.
  4. Bring in the Old as New – Whether bought at an antique store or made by hand, older furniture brings character to your front porch. Each becomes a conversation piece and a way to bring individuality to your home
  5. Spruce Things Up with Planters– If you currently have planters, change things up with fresh paint. Or replace them with faux boxwood topiaries for fall and winter and change them out with ferns come spring. Don’t have either? Perhaps it’s time to go shopping!
  6. Shine a Light– Want to bring visual interest to your front porch? Pick up some candles and enjoy the soft, cozy light. There are also battery-driven options that deliver a candle effect with a muted light. Or, string lights around a swing bench to create some evening magic!
  7. Tea for Two– More time on the front porch means a fresh cup of coffee in the morning and a relaxing glass of wine before bed. Bring in a small table for the perfect spot to set down your mug or wine glass.
  8. Rock Some Chairs– If you have a front porch, chances are you have a couple of rocking chairs. But if you don’t, you are really missing out. Is there anything more relaxing than sitting in your rocker and watching the world go by? It’s also the perfect place to enjoy the rainfall while staying warm and dry. Add a festive throw blanket over the back of the chairs for added comfort and color.
  9. Make Your Welcome Mat More Welcoming– Layer your welcome mat with a patterned rug to make your front entrance that much more welcoming. Another option is to greet the new season by replacing your current mat with one containing a fall message. Just a little reminder that hot weather is behind you and cooler days are in your future.

Love these ideas but don’t have a front porch to welcome in fall? Give us a call at 770-781-8234 or email us for a free design consultation. Then, we’ll suggest portico design options that will help you get the most out of outdoor living AND year-round curb appeal!

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