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Tips to Create Curvaceous Curb Appeal

While we’d never argue that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line — that might not be the best way to achieve outstanding curb appeal. Here are some ideas to achieve a distinctive look and their corresponding benefits.

1). Use pavers or natural stone to create a curved walkway to your front door.

2). Consider an arched or scalloped wood privacy fence versus traditional designs. Scalloped fences have beams whose tops slope downwards between posts, while arched privacy fences have beams that slope upwards between posts. There are no harsh lines with arch-topped or scalloped fences because the arches are created gradually.

3). An eyebrow window is a curvaceous way to bring both light and ventilation into a top-floor space. Eyebrows work well for a variety of home styles including post-modern beach homes, converted-garage guest cottages and shingle-style homes. They can be created in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your current architecture. One big advantage is that they break up the monotony of a traditional roof or flat interior ceiling.

4). Peripheral curves help further improve curb appeal by softening the lines in your landscape. It can be as simple as an arched mailbox post or a compelling arbor leading to your backyard.

5). Porticos One of the most dramatic ways to achieve curvaceous curb appeal is to add an arched portico. Over the years we have found arched porticos are extremely popular with our customers. Houses with arched windows are perfect candidate for this type of portico. And, if your home has curved transit windows, an arched portico will mimic those graceful lines. Arched porticos usually feature metal roofs, not shingle, because generally there is not enough pitch. We’ve built many porticos with roofs clad in copper that naturally transforms into a beautiful green patina as it ages.

If you are ready to stray a bit from the straight and narrow and embrace a more curvaceous curb appeal, please contact us. We’ll walk you through your wide range of options that add beauty and value to your home!

And, if you really want to expand your living space, you might think about a front porch addition. Just as there are a myriad of choices to porticos, there are a number of styles for front porches.


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