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Adding a Front Porch Makes Sense Now, and Later When It’s Time to Sell

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Did you know that adding a front porch can provide an 84% return on investment, on average? That’s especially true in warmer climates like Atlanta. Statistics show that a porch can dramatically increase your home’s curb appeal and improve its value to buyers.

In fact, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has completed multiple studies on home buying. Their 2021 study found that 81% of homeowners view front porches as essential or desirable when purchasing a home. Let’s explore why a porch construction should be your next home improvement project.


Front Porch Construction (Design Ideas and More)

Aside from the architectural and curb appeal of a front porch addition, there is one other aspect that is just as important. Call it lifestyle, livability, useable space, outdoor living room, outdoor space, or another term. We simply call it a ‘room with a view.’ From a pure social angle, front porches unite people. They help us to engage in trust-building and face-to-face conversations with our neighbors. They give us a sense of security, but they also increase our willingness to engage with others. The front porch is like a handshake, welcoming visitors, serving as a connection point with the neighborhood, and providing an impression for passers-by and neighbors. It’s the calling card of your home.

Front Screened Porch

Keep out flying pests with a screened porch. Every Georgian knows that the humidity brings mosquitos and other uninvited insects. How lovely would it be to have an outdoor space you can drink a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of iced tea at night without bugs flying around you? Read a book, complete a puzzle, or do anything else you enjoy without gnats and other insects circling you.

Open Area Porch

Do you have young children? How nice would it be when they are playing out in the front yard and you can be close by to watch over them? Invite your neighbors over for an afternoon in the shade while also enjoying being shielded from hot weather. Adding a front porch allows you to create a social center that brings people together. Remember, memories are made on front porches.

Other Benefits of a Front Porch

  • Reduces sun and rain damage on your front door, lighting, and trim; natural element protection
  • Shields out heat, saving money on your summer energy bill
  • A safe, roofed space for packages


Adding a Porch to House

Whatever style home you have, you can create a new outdoor living space and add new life to your home exterior. With a wide range of styles and materials available at Georgia Front Porch, your choice of designs to complement your home is nearly infinite.

Are you looking to install a covered porch, one with posts or columns, or do you have other ideas in mind? We can create an intricately detailed modern porch design, or a simple, traditional one.

Discover how well adding a front porch may fit with your home and your future resale. Contact our curb appeal experts at Georgia Front Porch to get started on porch ideas and designs. You can also Click Here for a free, no-hassle new porch design consultation.

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