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Top 5 Tips to Maximize Front Porch Entertainment

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A front porch is a wonderful attribute of a home. When was the last time you took a look and thought about creating a space for front porch entertainment? Have you considered how to maximize your porch enjoyment for yourself or your guests? Here are a few ideas to ensure your home is ready for a front porch party!


Front Porch Décor

  1. Set yourself up for success with the perfect front porch entertainment furniture.

Unless your space is extremely limited, position a minimum of two chairs to encourage conversation. Choose chairs that make front porch dining al fresco a breeze. Select tables and chairs composed of solid teak wood that are resilient and naturally weather resistant. Shades of grey are always a great idea. How about a fun porch swing? It is the perfect seating to accommodate a number of guests. Really, who doesn’t love a porch swing?


  1. Plant as much green as you can.

Hang planters or place lush plants in pots to create a picture-perfect outdoor setting. Make sure the size of the planters is consistent with the size of the porch. Tall, narrow containers are best for smaller spaces while a big potted plant is ideal for a larger area. Ferns are perfect for achieving a plush, healthy look. Perennials give you longer-lasting foliage than seasonal blooms. If your porch has significant sun exposure, consider planting shade trees nearby to add more protection from Atlanta’s unforgiving summer heat. Are insects common? Put out a few citronella plants.


  1. Amp up comfort with a ceiling fan.

Especially if uninvited guests are common such as insects, a ceiling fan is great for air circulation. White is your best bet, but if you prefer to add a splash of color, select fade-resistant fabric.


Front Porch Ideas

  1. Illuminate good times!

Not only does well-placed lighting make your front porch safer for guests or package deliverers, but it is also a welcoming element for your home. Plan for three sources of light. To start, string lights along your porch’s edge. A great second addition is to place two scones near your seating area and one above the door. You can also consider recessed spots in the ceiling. Positioning solar lights along your walkway is another way to make your home more inviting and the path to the front door safer.


  1. Is your porch ready for success? Let’s plan your next party with other accessories!

Add flameless candles or lanterns for soft lighting when the sun goes down. Have enough chairs for everyone. True, some people will lean against the rail, but they’ll eventually want to sit. Set up various entrée, beverage, and dessert stations to make it easy for people to fill their plates. Have a clean-up station that makes it easy for guests to discard their plates, utensils, and plastic or paper cups or cans. Have fun!


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