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Front Yard Birding — Keeping Feathered Guests Coming Back for More

Calling all nature lovers! This is the time of year we cherish when birds return from their winter migration to build nests and find their mates.

If you want to attract more visitors, here are some tips to get started.

Clean Out Old Nests

Take a walk around your property and remove old nests. Each year birds build a new home so remove anything that might block their handy new ‘construction’.

Provide Shelter

Speaking of new construction, why make birds do all the work? A few strategically placed bird houses will attract your favorite species.

Provide Material for DIY Birds

Give birds a helping hand with materials they can use to build their nests. Options include feathers, yarn, string, dry moss, and twigs.

Plant Flowers and Trees Birds Will Love

A few plants known to be favorites are Red Buds, Camellia, Fuchsia, Butterfly Weed, and Bachelor’s Buttons. Plant, and they will come! Indulge your feathered friends with a well constructed bird feeder. We especially love ones that feature a hinged roof and suet feeders on the side!

Avoid Pesticides

While you may be tempted to use pesticides to kill destructive insects, remember that they also kill pollinators like honeybees and butterflies. Plus, if you kill all the insects, you provide birds with less food to eat. Choose organic fertilizers which enhance plant growth, deter soil erosion, and leave birds with a healthy food supply.

Prevent Catastrophic Window Strikes

Keep feeders within two or three feet of windows because birds won’t have time to build up speed to crash into your window at a high velocity. Remember, windows reflect the sky which fools birds into thinking they can fly right through, and then, wham!

Keep Cats Indoors

Research proves that roaming housecats and feral cats can kill birds at an alarming rate. After all, it is in their instinct to prey upon birds. If you have an outdoor cat, it is best not to feed birds because they’ll dine in peril. Let’s not make it easy for our feline friends to do their damage.

Provide Clean, Running Water

Help the birds stay hydrated with a bird bath and provide fresh water whenever you can. If you want to step it up a notch, provide a water fountain for their drinking pleasure.

A New Front Porch for Bird Watching

If you want to stay high and dry – away from inclement weather – while you enjoy bird watching from your home, let’s talk. A new front porch not only adds curb appeal, but gives you additional living space AND a great place to watch Indigo Buntings! Get a free design consultation today!

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