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6 Tips That Will Give Your Home Winning Winter Curb Appeal

Technically the first day of winter is December 20th. More accurately, winter arrived in the Atlanta area right after Thanksgiving. So, now that reality has set in, it’s time to think about what you can do to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Here are some ideas to make sure your home looks double-take-amazing this winter.

Plant Hardy Annual Flowers

Consider planting shrubs that do well and flower during colder weather. Blue Holly bears lovely red berries, so start there. Another option is Honeywort, a Mediterranean plant that blooms iridescent blue droplets that will give your home a distinctive look.

Add in Evergreens

Tall evergreen shrubs like Arborvitae are ideal for a great year-round look. Add Barberry bushes which come in bright yellow-green and deep chartreuse shades to bring in much needed color.

Change Up Your Front Door Color

Choose paint with a bright hue to contrast with winter’s muted tones. Select a color that no one else on your street has and you’ll surely stand out! Then, deck out your porch or portico with some Christmas décor cheer.

Clean Your Gutters

Use a trowel, gutter scoop, leaf blower, or even a pressure washer to clean out your gutters if they are easily reachable. Don’t be shy hiring a contractor to take care of areas that are too high to comfortably reach. Once you’ve given them a good cleaning, check your gutters for leaks or damage and address them sooner rather than later.

Power Wash Your Exterior

Before things turn frigid, power wash your home to clean up the summer and fall grime. This should last until your next big event — Spring Cleaning.

Add a Welcoming Front Porch

Though winter has just arrived, it’s not too early to think about spring. A new front porch is a wonderful way to add spectacular curb appeal to your home. In many cases, a front porch can be transformative — adding a space to relax while giving your home’s facade a complete makeover.

Got a limited budget? A front portico helps amplify your entry, protect woodwork and visitors, while still adding value to your home.

Does your home feature modern architecture? We’ve got ideas for contemporary porches.

And if you’re thinking spring, a garage arbor is an excellent way to add beautiful curb appeal and a way to soften the look of your garage with an attractive trellis and flowing vines.

Why not take the time now to discuss a wide range of designs that can work specifically for you? We’re ready, willing, able, and extremely experienced! Request a quote today!

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