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It’s a Dirty, Rotting Shame!

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Have you ever walked up to a front door and noticed peeling paint and rotting wood around the doorframe and windows? Pretty unsightly, isn’t it? But, that’s a common problem when the home is missing protection from the elements such as exposure to sun, rain, ice, etc. Moisture can also seep in behind exterior siding creating even more headaches.

Front door rotting wood and threshold deterioration is not only ugly, but can expensive to repair. What’s involved? Probably tearing out decayed wood, replacing door trim, selecting and installing a new front door, new hardware, etc. Unfortunately that’s not the end of it. Front door deterioration will probably happen again a few years later —unless you create a remedy for this all-too-common predicament.

Adding a front porch or portico provides excellent protection for your front door, hardware, trim, lighting—and even your interior foyer. It has the added benefit of protecting family, visitors from hot Atlanta summers and pelting rain on dreary days. A porch or portico also helps ensure those package deliveries stay nice and dry during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. And your guests will truly appreciate it on rainy or hot, sunny day.

Porches and porticos come in a wide variety of styles. Our curb appeal experts will recommend the perfect style to complement your home — and protect your valuable exterior trim and doors. You can view a great variety of styles on our website or with a home consultation. We can also create photo renditions if you’d like to consider several styles for the front of you residence.

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