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What is Your Home’s Roof Portico Style? Flat Roof, Hip Roof, and More

When adding a portico to your home one of your most important decisions is the roof style. That’s why we carefully consider your home’s existing roof style to ensure that the roof portico fits seamlessly with your home’s exterior.

front door overhang roof porticos

Flat Roof Portico

In two story-homes, the second story window configuration may help dictate your roof style options. For example, if there are several windows on the second story, the roof portico should not obstruct the windows. A great solution is a flat roof portico to retain visibility out of the windows. In some cases, homeowners have asked us to add a top railing as an attractive feature above the portico.

Another factor is if your home has a single or multiple roof lines. We typically complement an existing roof style but we also will mix and match rooflines if it will give your exterior a more distinctive look.

Hip Roof Portico

Let’s consider a common roof style called the “hip” roof. A portico with a hip roof offers a significant amount of protection and shelter from the rain.

In particular, metal hip roofs are becoming very popular because they complement your existing roof while offering a longevity and contemporary appeal. At Georgia Front Porch, our metal roofing features a powder-baked finish that doesn’t require painting and comes in a wide variety of colors.

Designing and Building a Portico for Your Home

Our approach to selecting the right roof for your portico is simple but effective. We typically develop a photo proposal for your review before any work begins. This method enables you to see your options before construction begins so that the results are even better than you ever imagined! To see more ideas, before and after transformations or design styles, view our porticos portfolio.  Call us today for a FREE design consultation and see what a huge difference a well-designed, beautifully crafted portico can make for your home’s curb appeal.

Looking for fresh ideas to create your dream front porch or portico? Be sure to give us a call at 770-781-8234 for a FREE no-hassle design consultation or click here for an email request. If you are interested in renovating or adding other outdoor spaces such as decks, arbors, fences, screened porches, and more, visit our parent company Atlanta Decking & Fence.

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