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Modern Updates Revitalize Ranch Homes

Ranch houses have quite a legacy. In fact, during the post-war housing boom of the 1950s they accounted for nine out of every 10 new houses built. While other styles have grown in popularity, ranch homes still have many fans because they offer owners large lots, friendly windows, and first floor master bedrooms — ideal for aging knees!

However, since many were built decades ago there may be a need to modernize your ranch home’s appearance. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Add warmth with rustic materials such as reclaimed wood for shutters and fencing. French doors are a nice touch to connect the home’s inside with outdoor living space like porches and decks.

Freshen the look by painting the brick exterior. Many homes have undergone a virtual transformation by painting red brick white or light gray.

If you love a retro look, paint the front door a bright color and replace your house and mailbox numbers with mid-Century Neutra options.

Ranches can suffer from monotonous horizontal lines so break them up with landscaping upgrades. For example, select shorter shrubs (think boxwoods) that won’t cover a ranch’s lower windows. Plant taller plants like evergreen trees to frame your garage’s entrance.

Ranches can tend to look boxy with hard corners. Soften your property by incorporating curved lines through rounded garden beds in front and along the sides. Make sure to plant colorful annuals and robust perennials. Add more interest to your entrance via a winding walkway that leads to your front entrance. There are many options to choose from including pavers, bricks or stamped concrete.

Add a front porch to create outdoor living space, while making your home more inviting. Most ranches are missing a front porch, but it’s the perfect addition to increase curb appeal — plus, you’ll enjoy a new place to relax while protecting your front entry. If your space is limited, talk to us about a portico with a traditional gabled roof. Or, consider transforming your ranch style home with a timber portico for a Craftsman look. We’d be happy to meet with you and discuss clever, curb-appealing options for your ranch guaranteed to turn your dream into a reality!

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