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Host a Porch Party

front porch party

Labor Day has come and gone, and fall is within sight. Why not celebrate and usher in the new season by hosting a front porch party? Here are a few ideas to help inspire you!

Make your party memorable with simple, elegant decorations. If you already have potted flowers on your porch, add fresh bouquets as accents. Hang lights and feature flameless candles for soft lighting.

Plan your seating so that everyone has a place to sit. Create groupings of chairs to make conversations free and easy. Porches are ideal for parties because porch steps and swings offer built-in seating.

Make things official by sending a fun invitation to your party. Nothing says, “I really want you to be here,” than by sending an invitation. Better yet, give your friends a call with the details.

Serve a variety of finger foods so there is something for everyone. Don’t put the food on one table. Instead space them around the porch. Group things logically like a beverage station, tables with fruit and cheese, a variety of meats, and desserts. Place trays in containers of ice to keep thing chilled. Use a galvanized tub or plastic storage container.

Speaking of food, keep things simple. Resist the temptations to prepare fancy recipes so you can focus on all the details required for your party.

Limit beverages to a few selections to keep things easy. Offer a signature cocktail that’s easy to prepare so when the decanter gets low you can replenish without batting an eye. Use a cooler or metal tub with ice so the drinks remain cold. Don’t forget the chilled water. Have a place for guests to set the drinks they bring so everyone can share.

Help guests help you clean up by setting up a garbage can or bag and be sure to have paper towels and wet wipes in plain sight.

Disinvite mosquito party-crashers with citronella candles and plants. Offer bug repellent if the annoying critters don’t give up easily.

A front porch not only provides protection for your home’s entry, it also makes a great livable space for entertaining or simply relaxing. If you currently own a flat-faced home, give Gary Zielinski a call for a free, no-hassle in-home consultation at 770-781-8234. He’s an expert at matching just the right custom design porch or portico for your home.

front porch party

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