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Porte Cochere: Style Beyond Carports

Ever see a portico-like structure but didn’t know exactly what it was called? Ever come across a structure that was like a fancy carport but wasn’t exactly a carport? Well, we’re here to solve the mystery. What you saw is a porte cochere, or coach door. The name is French, if you didn’t know!

It is a roofed structure that protects passengers from the elements so that you can drop them off before continuing to the garage. Typically extending from the entrance of a residence, porte cocheres are the perfect combination of curb appeal and practicality. In its original form, a porte cochere was a porch large enough for wheeled vehicles to pass through. But it needn’t be wide enough to accommodate a car. Many times, people build a porte cochere as a covered pathway between a garage and their residence. In that case, it’s also referred to as a ‘breezeway’.

Porte cocheres can come in a range of styles to fit the specific look/needs of a home. For example, an arched stone porte cochere complements a French-styled home. They are very common characteristics of Craftsman or bungalow homes. For homes that have long driveways, a porte cochere is an elegant way to ensure the comfort of guests who can make their way to your front door while being protected from the elements.

While we cannot claim to be fluent in French, we are very fluent in building beautifully functional porte cocheres. Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you explore all of the possibilities!



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