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Reflect Your Personality with These Holiday Front Door Decor Ideas

The holidays are upon us and as you navigate this very busy season, we thought you might find helpful some ideas to help make your front door reflect your personal holiday spirit. We’ve organized them to make it easy to find the designs that are right for you. 

NOTHERNERS: Raised in the North with Plenty of Snow

• White Christmas: Use white spray paint on grapevines, twigs, and pinecones to create a wintry wreath and remind you of fun in the snow.
• Wooden Snowflake Monogram: Create a personalized snowflake door sign to make your own unique statement.
• Falling Snowflakes: Create paper snowflakes to adorn your windowpanes and give thanks that this isn’t really snow!

FLOWER CHILDREN: Can’t Get Enough of Flowers Even in Winter
• Red Floral Decoration: Make an asymmetrical arrangement of succulents, dahlias, and greenery to add a touch of spring to your holiday décor.

NATURALISTS: It’s All About the Great Outdoors
• Pinecone Bundle: Give pinecones a new job by tying them together with colorful ribbon and using them as your holiday wreath.
• Outdoor Tree: Welcome guests with a mini-Christmas tree. Keep it looking natural by leaving it untrimmed. You don’t want to upstage your tree inside!
• Cedar-Stacked Christmas Tree: Bind and stack multiple cedar wreaths together to form a Christmas tree.

COLORFUL CHARACTERS: Loves the Colors of the Holidays
• Gold and Silver Ornament Pine Wreath: Add some bling to your front door with metallic-theme wreaths. Mix in glimmering ornaments for a splash of color.
• Choose an Unexpected Accent Color: Christmas may be green and red but mix things up by positioning ripe oranges on your front porch and adorn your front door with a tangerine ribbon on a classic green wreath.

CONTRARIANS: Like to Be Different
• Vintage Ice Skate Door Décor: Tie a pair of skates together and hang them on your door. Talk about a conversation starter!
• Hang a Low Wreath: Who says your wreath has to be near the top of your door? Hang it low on your door and leave your door window clear to collect the day’s sunlight.


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