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Simple Ideas to Protect Your Exterior Side and Back Doors

Homeowners face a constant battle to protect their homes and minimize the associated expenses. As we know, it is much more cost effective to prevent a problem from happening rather than addressing it after it has occurred. Here are some tips to protect your exterior side and back doors.

Exterior Side Doors
Check your roof overhang to ensure that your siding is protected properly from the elements. A house with improper overhangs is at risk for premature siding rot which is not a pleasant situation.
A house without roof overhangs leaves the siding vulnerable to premature siding failure and paint deterioration. If you discover that your overhang is insufficient, make addressing it a priority.
Keep the eaves-drip (the width of ground around a house which received the rain water dropping from the eaves) away from your house to avoid splashback damage which is a common cause of siding rot. Splashback occurs when water hits the ground below the siding and splashes back against the siding.

Back Doors
Add a storm door. In addition to the obvious benefits, a storm door can also help block harmful UV rays.
Re-consider your color choice if it is dark. Lighter colors help repel heat and can add years to your door’s life.
Contact us about a protective portico.  Bracket porticos have roofs supported by brackets installed on a home’s exterior and integrated seamlessly into the current design. Many of our clients have called upon us to build them this cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing protection for their door. And, of course, Georgia Front Porch also designs and builds column porticos that make for beautiful back and side door coverings! Contact us for a free, no-hassle estimate.

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