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Beautify Your Home with Curvy Curb Appeal Tips

Curb Appeal Tips to Bring Variety to Your Home’s Appearance

While it is true that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, the shortest distance to enhanced curb appeal often is filled with curves. The following curb appeal tips explore what that can mean for your home.

Garden Beds

The traditional way to complement a home with a foundation bed is to make it straight and narrow. True, it is logical to line the landscape beds to follow the straight lines of a home, street or walkway, but logical isn’t necessarily optimal for your curb appeal. When you incorporate curves into your landscape beds you bring a much-needed contrast and interest to your property.

By making your landscape beds wider and curvier, you create better space for your plants to thrive. A common width varies between two to three feet but that may not be enough space for mature shrubs and perennials to thrive. By adding another foot or two of width, you’ll achieve a much more appealing look. Also, be sure your beds have enough depth (think four to six feet deep) so there is the opportunity for your plants to grow to their mature size.

Curved Sidewalks and Driveways

Your driveway and sidewalk are opportunities to make a great first impression. While functional, a simple cement driveway does very little to enhance curb appeal. But when you replace it with a curved driveway of stamped concrete, pavers or bricks, the difference can be stunning. Regarding materials, stamped concrete offers a wide range of style and color options which can be mixed together to offer a natural stone look. Pavers are a nice option if you like a natural stone look but don’t want to pay for real stone. Concrete pavers are excellent for sidewalks when your objective is a gentle curved configuration because they enable you to replicate natural stone’s traditional look but with a wider array of colors and shapes.

Arched Roof Porticos

An arched roof portico is a cost-effective way to add a beautiful and uniquely modern touch to the front of your home. This style of portico is the perfect complement to a traditional home with arched or curved transom windows. The curve itself can vary depending on your home’s existing design. For example, if your home’s architectural constraints only allow for a fairly shallow portico roofline, a portico will add an understated elegance. Conversely, much higher curves offer a more dramatic “look at me” curb appeal to your home.

Materials will vary but the most common are metal or shingles depending on the roof’s pitch. Copper is another option if you are seeking an ultra-elegant look. As it ages, copper will naturally transform itself into a beautiful green patina as it ages.

If you’re ready to explore more curb appeal tips for your own home, request a quote from one of our home experts.

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