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Contemporary Porches Reflect Today’s Lifestyles

Fresh, Modern Curb Appeal Inspires New Style Trends for Contemporary Porches

Contemporary porches not only create your home’s first impression, they extend a warm welcome to guests and visitors. The porch is an extension of your home’s interior, with an open floor plan that makes it stand out from its more traditional neighbors; a compelling focal point that sets the tone for your property.

Even as air conditioning enables us to enjoy the inside during sultry Atlanta summers, front porches are making a comeback, as homeowners connect with their neighbors and embrace better curb appeal. With the growth of ultra-modern homes and the reimagining of outdoor spaces in Southern neighborhoods, residents are looking towards the front to complement their backyards. A space that also connects the outdoors in, contemporary porches enable homeowners to take in coveted views or simply enjoy their neighborhoods.

Modern front porches are popular in both new construction and remodels, so investing in one can also add value to your home. The importance of the front porch is reflected by contemporary architects who are designing creative spaces just as compelling as the home’s interior which can be a lifestyle-changer for the homeowner. Expansive front porches create an exciting feeling of sophisticated style and creativity. Compelling design elements feature clean lines and pure geometric forms that produce a true urban feel to the space.

Contemporary Porches Create Chic Destinations with Modern Design Elements:

Lots of color. Jazz up your modern entryway with stylish color palettes. Coordinate with the front door, which in itself makes a statement and is the foundation for the porch. Forget black or grey. A peppy palette with bold non-traditional pops of color such as a teal, lime, or turquoise offers an easy and affordable way to infuse color. White is a unique alternative, making your front porch pop while easily working with a variety of colors and patterns. Plants offer bold shades, such as purple, and are a great way to complement your contemporary design.

Modern metal elegance. One of the latest front porch trends is intricately designed railings which gives your porch a contemporary feel. Consider metal railings or horizontal cable railings to create a sleek look. Both a safety and style feature, these railings offer a modern edginess which reinforces the contemporary design.

A livable space with furnishings. Depending on the size of your space, chic outdoor furniture will reinforce the contemporary design and make it seem larger while reflecting your lifestyle. Wider porches accommodate tables, chairs, or a very modern take on the ever-so-popular, old-fashioned porch swing.

If you have a sizable budget, consider transforming your front porch into an additional living area. Designers are doing away with simple entryways by adding functional modern furniture and accessories, ideal for wraparound porches. Reflect your personality with trendy wall hangings and chic pillows and rugs in coordinated patterns. Find fabrics that don’t fade because of too much sun.

Be floored. Ipe, a Brazilian tropical hardwood that is known for its strength, is resistant to insects, rot, and mold, and ideal for contemporary porches. With its clean sophisticated look and timeless charm, Ipe is durable and ages beautifully with the appearance of indoor hardwoods. Known as the gold standard for exterior flooring, the feature-rich wood is as safe and sturdy as steel and concrete. It’s also popular because of its eco-friendly reputation. You can treat it like a hand rubbed finish on a fine piece of furniture and apply penetrating oils with a brush and then wipe off excess. Left untreated, Ipe ages into a silver patina, making it ideal for maximizing the look of modern outdoor furniture.

See the light. Outdoor lighting can also enhance your front porch’s sophisticated style while keeping you safe at night. Brighten your entryway with a variety of exterior lighting that can complement your front porch design. With evolving LED technology, today’s decorative lighting is efficient and has a long life. Large bold fixtures make a statement and add to the curb appeal.

What makes any homeowner into a creative stylist is the infinite design selections that create cool contemporary porches. Your home doesn’t employ modern lines? No worries. Even traditional architectural design such as cottage style or ranches can enjoy fresh, eye-catching appeal with a modern porch or portico. Contemporary front porch design options are amazing and we’d love to share them with you. To start the ball rolling, let’s get together and discuss a facelift for your home. Contact us today for a free, no-hassle design consultation.




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