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12 Ways to Bolster Fall Curb Appeal, According to Atlanta’s #1 Porch Builder

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Now that summer is over, you may be unsure how to transition your home beautifully to the fall. Luckily, the team at Atlanta’s #1 porch builder company, Georgia Front Porch, explains plenty of ways to increase your home’s curb appeal during the cooler seasons. All it takes is a little know-how and creativity to have a gorgeous, autumn-friendly home in no time. Try some of our helpful tips below, and you’ll be well on your way to fantastic fall curb appeal!

Fall Curb Appeal Ideas from Porch Builder Experts

  • Spruce Up Your Home’s Exterior

Consider pressure washing your home’s exterior — you’ll be amazed at how fresh your house looks! Then, clean windows and screens, clear out your gutters, and make any necessary repairs to shutters, siding, and paint to keep your home looking its best.

  • Keep Seasonal Decorations Simple

Subtle fall decor and plantings add charm and appeal to your home’s exterior, but going overboard will distract from your home’s best features. Keep the spooky decor to a minimum, especially if your home is already on the market.

  • Flower Boxes

Who doesn’t love flowers? Add them to low-maintenance vinyl window boxes and you have instant charm. Impatiens Bacopa, petunias, and Creeping Jennies draped down the front make for a beautiful combination.

  • New Lighting

Change out the lighting around your front walk and entryway. Another benefit is adding a degree of safety for friends or family members coming home or visiting at night. Choose bright fall colors and metal lanterns to make your lighting stand out night and day. Use battery-operated LED “candles”, rather than real candles (that tend to blow out even in a mild breeze) to provide welcome illumination when the sun goes down.

  • Seasonal Doormat

Choose herringbone colors in fall tones to make a statement that you embrace the season. Or, maybe create a little unexpected fun with a pumpkin-shaped hooked doormat. Add a few gourds, and floor lanterns, and bring on the visitors!

Curb Appeal Ideas from Front Porch Experts

  • Roll Out Those Pumpkins

It is impossible to picture fall without pumpkins, dried gourds, winter squash, and bushels of fall-blooming flowers! Pumpkins are a cheap, quick way to create a welcoming entrance. Use a wood crate as a shadow box for a pumpkin, add a straw bale or two, then sit out on the front porch with your favorite pumpkin beverage.

  • Border the Driveway or Walkway

You’ve most likely seen this effect with other homes and thought about it for your property. Why wait? Add brick, stamped concrete, or stone pavers as borders to your driveway or walkway and, voila, instant curb appeal!

  • Eye-catching Entry

Painting your front door in a fresh fall color is an easy way to upgrade your curb appeal. While you are at it, don’t forget to update your front door hardware.

  • Potted Plants, Anyone?

Flank your entryway with a few potted plants. Choose pots within the same color family for a cohesive look. Make sure your containers are of substantial size because tiny versions will only make the area look cluttered.

  • Hang Window Shutters

Window shutters can add a pop of color and architectural interest to your home’s exterior. Given Georgia’s hot and humid summers, vinyl rather than wood will last longer and minimize maintenance worries.

  • Replace Your Address Numbers

If your address numbers have been the same for years or even decades, make a big change at a low investment. You’ll be surprised at the impact this small task will have on your curb appeal.

  • Create a Front Porch Sitting Area

Add a few chairs, an end table, and an outdoor rug to welcome guests to your home. Relax with your favorite — you guessed it — pumpkin-flavored beverage. Include pillows and potted plants in seasonal colors.

Want Serious Curb Appeal? Hire the #1 Porch Builder

If you want a significant upgrade to your home’s exterior, a new front porch or portico provides amazing transformations and head-turning curb appeal! Check out the Before/After of the front porch or portico projects.

Contact Georgia Front Porch, the #1 porch builder serving the north Atlanta metro area, and we’ll show you a wide range of styles to fit your budget and needs.

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