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Covered Porches and Porticos: Entryways that Make a Great First Impression

covered porches and porticos

Your home’s entryway is one of the first true impressions a person has of your home upon entering. Why not make it as appealing as possible? Covered porches and porticos are a great way to ramp up your entryway and add value to your home. The expert Atlanta porch builders at Georgia Front Porch offer creative ideas below for adding curb appeal to your entryway.

Add Value and Beauty to Your Home with These Entryway Tips

Front Door

If your door has been the same for some time, paint it with a fresh coat or bold new color. While you are at it, update your doorknob and hinges, maybe with a new style, design, or material. Make a statement!


Pendant lighting, lamps, and sconces are great options to add style to your entryway. Consider adding a chandelier to the foyer for a dramatic entrance. Beautiful lighting always attracts people’s attention.

Color Scheme

Incorporate bold colors to create a memorable first impression of your home. An entryway is a creative way to add color if the rest of your home uses neutral tones. This works best if you have an open concept.

Wall Art

Hang pictures on the wall to express your unique style. Scale the art to the size of your room so it is not overwhelming. Art is a great conversational piece, especially for new guests visiting your home.


If your entryway is small, consider setting a mirror on the floor and leaning it against a wall to make the room look bigger. Positioned strategically on your wall, a mirror can reflect the light in your house and create a more inviting atmosphere, especially if your front door has windows. Double the brightness in your foyer by placing the mirror directly across from the source of light.

Area Rugs

Welcome your guests with a warm and beautiful area rug. Change it out to match the seasons or holidays and add variety all year long. Make sure to sweep around your rug occasionally to avoid the build-up of dead leaves, dirt, and other debris that can make its way into your home.

Covered Porches, Porticos, & More: Make Your Entryway Uber Stylish

A sure way to increase your curb appeal and make your entryway super friendly is to add an arbor, trellis, or portico. Any of these options will help you define the main entrance of your home while also providing structure and beauty.

Another dramatic option is to build a front porch that is the perfect invitation to enter for a friendly chat or group get-together. Add a bench, table, and/or chairs and you have the ideal way to add more living space to your home while exponentially enhancing your entryway.

Intrigued? View past successful projects of contemporary and traditional covered porches and porticos that we have built over the years to help transform the entryways of their homes from good to great!

Contact the team at Georgia Front Porch if you are looking to add a front porch or portico, or you can also request a free quote. Count on the design and installation experts at Georgia Front Porch to know what would look best for your home and lifestyle.

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covered porches and porticos

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