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Front Portico Ideas for an Enchanted Evening Entryway

front portico ideasThe first thing visitors notice is your front entrance, and if you take front porch and front portico ideas and advice from the experts, opportunity awaits — especially at night. The portico, above, built by Georgia Front Porch is particularly enchanting, and it was custom-built to create this effect.

Picture this for a moment: You’ve invited friends over for an evening get-together and you eagerly anticipate their arrival. You’ve prepared appetizers and drinks; you have music playing softly in the background and all is in order. Yet something may be missing. Have you considered what you’ve done to welcome your friends when they drive up to your home?

Front Portico Ideas from the Georgia Front Porch Experts

Since we’re talking about evening visits, let’s examine lighting as the basis for all enchantment. There are many options including surface and overhead lighting. If you want to set a subtle mood, go for lanterns. They are both attractive and functional, without being overwhelming. Or, if you want to bring out an island-like atmosphere, tiki torches will do the trick. This may surprise you, but symmetry can be overrated. Depending on the size of your porch or portico, a single sconce may be the only light you need.

  • Use string lights to create a party atmosphere. They are easy to hang and instantly inform guests that they are in for a festive time. Other lighting ideas include pendants, solar-powered fixtures, and uplights that can add drama. Think about also mixing different hues of light: white, beige, or a soft yellow, but as with anything, don’t overdo it.
  • Let’s say you view your front porch as an outdoor living or dining room. Install a chandelier over your seating area to demonstrate your personal style front and center.
  • A portable speaker that streams music is a way to set the mood and welcome your guests. Multiple options use a Wi-Fi connection to create a lovely, eclectic ambiance.
  • Consider black rattan furniture as a contrast to your lighting. While adding more comfort for your guests, this furniture style naturally invites them to relax and enjoy the evening with you. Include fall-themed pillows and a soft, nubby throw for coziness.

The key theme in all of these front portico ideas is lighting. Light amplifies texture and dimension in any space. It plays with warmth and dark tones and showcases the unique areas of your home and the front entryway. Talk about a conversation starter!

Front Porch and Portico Builders Near Me

Have you been wondering what you can do to dramatically enhance the curb appeal of your home and make your front entrance more inviting? Install a front porch or portico addition from the Georgia front porch and portico experts.

Contact Georgia Front Porch now through our Request a Quote form or call 770-781-8234 and we’ll be happy to show you a beautiful range of examples we’ve built for our customers. You can discuss with our experts whether you are looking to increase your entryway’s evening enchantment or other style and design angles for front portico ideas.

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