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6 Exterior Home Design Trends for 2023: Covered Porches and More

covered porches and porticos

Whether you live in your forever home or plan to sell in the near future, creating the best curb appeal is always in your best interest. Covered porches, front and back porticos, carports, and more, all deserve to look unique and show your personal design style. Most importantly, adding a unique touch to these outdoor areas increases the value of your home.

If you’ve been considering upping your game, here are six 2023 exterior design trends that could deliver just what you need. Plus, any one of these projects will be sure to have your neighbors talking.


Exterior Home Design Trends

#1 – Dark and Earthy Siding Colors

Want an instant impact? Choose dark and earthy colors for your siding. Think navy blue, forest green, dark brown, or maroon.

#2 – Black & White Color Palettes

Warm whites and painted bricks continue to be popular in 2023. You can even mix lower-cost siding with brick to keep your budget in check. Another option is incorporating various shades of black as accents, versus as the main color. Charcoal, onyx, and ebony are great shades to consider for door and/or window trim, porch banisters, or soffits. Partner these accents with brown or white colors and you have true curb appeal.

#3 – Extra Texture

Imagine integrating visual texture into your home’s façade including architectural shingles or metal roofing, fascia, and, of course, siding. The 2023 trend is bronze and copper for roofs, gutters, and downspouts. Light colors convey textured depth and detail the best. Shake shingles and shiplap are just two examples of instant curb appeal.

#4 – Accent Colors

Another hot trend is staying within the same color family for accent hues. Light grey siding with dark grey trim gives you a smart look as does light brown siding with dark brown trim.

#5 – Color Blocking

If you are a fan of dark colors and want a refresh without a complete makeover, add a few dark elements to your exterior versus committing to a completely dark scheme. If your home is white, add dark colors via stone or brick accents.


Georgia Front Porch: Your #1 Source for Covered Porches and More

#6 – A Dramatic Front Entry

Looking for a smart way to combine curb appeal with extra living space? Did you know that 34% of buyers prefer a home with a front porch and 47% consider it a desirable trait? Together, this translates to 81% of homebuyers who would want a front porch. If you have a flat-faced home or just an awning over the front door, it might be time to consider an addition from Georgia Front Porch.

We’ll bring you our expert ideas and options for covered porches, porticos, and more to create another level of enjoyment and resale value for your residence.

Contact the expert team at Georgia Front Porch for a free design consultation. It’s time to create that outdoor space you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s to bring people together or simply create a new area, w can’t wait to get started.

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