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Full Front Porches Give Homes an Instant Facelift

Front porches are a marvel architectural feature that really give homes the entrance they deserve. A full front porch addition to your home instantly enhances curb appeal, expands living space, and can impact the value of your property. Whether you are considering a front porch addition or a front porch remodel, Georgia Front Porch has the experience and expertise to meet your design objectives.

We invite you to browse our gallery of “before” and “after” front porch transformations to begin planning your project. You may see a home that resembles your own, or you may be inspired by our gallery of front porches.

Why Update Your Front Porch?

What draws people to consider a front porch addition? To begin with, what could be a more Southern tradition than sweet tea and snacks with a friendly conversation between friends, family, and neighbors on front porches? And, along with adding more living space to your home, full front porches bring amazing, head-turning curb appeal! It also protects your front entry and woodwork. Finally, you’ll probably enjoy lower cooling bills in the hot Georgia summers by providing sought-after shade when adding a front porch to your home.

Working with Georgia Front Porch

We’ll help you select the ideal full front porch style to complement your home and fit your budget. Our design team will make style recommendations that might include the popular, yet traditional, Southern porch style featuring classic columns and balusters that stretch across your home’s façade. Or, if you’re looking to maximize your outdoor living space, you may opt for an expansive wrap-around porch design. With a modest budget and home style, a simple gabled roof portico may be the perfect design solution for much-needed curb appeal.

Georgia Front Porch also designs larger-scale projects that feature impressive two-story pillars with intricate capitals and cornices. If your tastes are more Victorian, we can create a stunning Queen Anne porch style that features elaborate spindlework, finials, corner brackets, and more. On the other end of the spectrum is a Craftsman porch style which utilizes natural and handcrafted materials like brick, wood, or stone and often features timber construction and stone pillars. Craftsman porches typically feature tapered columns supported by stone piers. For a low-maintenance porch design, we recommend a steel roof. For added appeal, try an arched entryway.

Our project designer will meet with you to discuss your needs, your full front porch ideas, budget, and time frame. Georgia Front Porch can even create Photoshop mockups of what your new porch will look like on your existing residence. As a homeowner, we think you’ll be delighted with our ‘photo renditions’ that allow you to truly visualize what a difference a front porch makes – as well as helping you see what design options we recommend that should work best for your residence.

Once you select a preferred style, we will consult with you to determine the appropriate amount of square footage, lighting, column styles, and more. There are also a variety of flooring styles available, and you may choose to modify your existing stoop with stone, PVC flooring, ipe (exotic wood), tile, or another material. All aspects of the project will be clearly defined to eliminate surprises and to ensure that you have an excellent experience from start to finish.

Statistical Benefit of Front Porches

Statistics show that adding a front porch can dramatically increase your home’s curb appeal and increase its value to buyers. In fact, according to NAHB, 80% of homeowners view front porches as essential or desirable when purchasing a home. You can create a new outdoor living space and add new life to your home’s exterior. With a wide range of styles and materials available at Georgia Front Porch, your choice of designs to complement your home is nearly infinite.

Aside from the architectural appeal of adding a front porch, there is one other aspect that is just as important. Call it lifestyle, livability, useable space, outdoor room, or another term. We simply call it ‘a room with a view.’ The front porch is like a handshake, welcoming visitors, serving as a connection point with the neighborhood, and providing an impression for passers-by and neighbors. It’s the calling card of your home.

Memories are Made on Front Porches

Many important moments happen on your front porch such as a first kiss, watching the buzz of life go by while sipping lemonade, welcoming visitors or your hero back home, watching sunrises or sunsets, and star gazing in the evening. But don’t forget the holidays! Everyone loves the trick-or-treaters on Halloween, welcoming family at Thanksgiving, and carolers at Christmas. Heck, even Andy Griffith entertained his friends and family out on his front porch in Mayberry!

Adding a Front Porch Means More Room to Move

Let’s start with space, which needs to be ample enough for gathering and entertaining. Seating is an important consideration. There should be enough room to comfortably walk around the furnishings and each other. A good guideline for a porch is to have an expected minimum depth of 6 feet. Another way to think about this is to imagine space that doubles the swing of a 36” entry door.

A depth of six feet will accommodate a bench or swing comfortably. Of course, adding furniture means adding space. A porch with furniture can aim for a minimum depth of 8 to 10 feet. To accommodate a small table and two chairs, count on a length of 85 to 96 inches. One rule of thumb is to plan an area twice the length and depth of each piece of porch furniture, to prevent stumbling.

Front Porches: Design Ideas

Your porch’s style is a preview of what’s inside. Don’t dramatically switch furniture styles between outside and in. If your home is traditional on the inside, it’s probably not a good idea to go with a modern or tropical style on your front porch. Cushions and outdoor rugs should complement your home’s exterior. Less is more, so be careful not to clutter it up with too much stuff. Your new porch should have a feeling of ease and comfort about it.

If you’re buying new furniture, we suggest a loveseat or couch that can hold at least 2 people, an ottoman that can double as seating, a coffee table, and at least one more chair. The largest piece of furniture should face outwards with smaller pieces grouped like a living room set. If you’re using existing furniture, we suggest you clean and/or paint it, add colorful cushions, and don’t forget accessories such as bright pillows, a new outdoor rug, or large flower pots filled with seasonal blooms that will look great from the street!

If you’ve got a flat-faced home and are looking to have a front porch or portico addition, call us today at 770-781-8234 for a free no-hassle, design consultation. Or, simply fill out our contact form and describe your needs and timeframe. We’ll follow up with you very soon. If you are looking to remodel or add other outdoor spaces such as a screened-in porch, deck, fence, pergola, and more, visit our parent company Atlanta Decking & Fence.